would you kill, to save a life?

My name is Kate, Im a 21 year old graphic artist. I love Supernatural, Smallville, Doctor Who, Merlin, Sons of Anarchy, Bones, The Vampire Diaries, and the list could go on!

My favorite books are the Mortal Instruments, The Percy Jackson Series, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games!

I reblog allot but also post my own art, and I probably mostly post about men I find seriously attractive but can never have xP So drop a note in my ask! I dont bite.

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"damn those pandas and all their bamboo. who needs that much bamboo anyway?"



My Annabeth/Doctor (( demigodforlife )) & my Luke (( knowels-tellerx ))

I love skype group chat. I just need to buy premium instead of the free trial.The Triangle is based on the fact that we each play, Percy, Annabeth and Luke on a PJ RP site. Hence the Triangle. I ship it. :D

Also me and demigodforlife will be at Dragon*Con next year as Percy & Annabeth! As well as Eleven & Amy

they are two of the most awesome people ever, you should follow them!!


21 today!

Time to party! no one better hide the rum o.o

Reblog if you DON’T have an iPhone.

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i’ll just put this here.

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Reblog if you think Alexander Ludwig should Copyright “Liv it up” , and make a bunch of T-shirts.



CAN’T OMG/hjrtdjd


CAN’T OMG/hjrtdjd

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